Little Saigon Simulator

Little Saigon Simulator is a fun and safe pretend dollhouse game for kids.

In this game, you can create your own story, explore and laugh with hidden surprise in each area. 

We encourage parents to play together with kids, you will have chance to discover an adorable old Saigon with floating market, a Vietnam style school and house, new year holiday decoration.

Also have you ever wonder how a sugar cane machine work, how a “banh mi” is made, how a street salon work?…  All answers are in this pocket adorable home Little Saigon Simulator game.    


– A miga pretend Saigon city dream house for whole family with  6 areas including a living room, upstair rooms, foodcourt, school, floating market and a downtown street. 

– Start with FREE family ( pepi mom, dad, grandma, 2 kids ) and unlock the rest characters with simple requests

– Hundred of little tiny everyday objects that you can find in real life 

– Simple requests to earn hearts and unlock areas

– Can reset all item location so you can start the game like new

– Great animation and sound

– Recommended age: age 3+

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